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Eighty-six percent distrust government.

The percentage of British citizens who do not believe a word the government says

Source: Angus Reid Global.

Angus Reid Global survey - 86 percent distrust UK government.

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Scumbags versus criminals

The British public are considered to be a relatively sophisticated electorate. They accept that their politicians and senior civil servants are "scumbags" - a word used surprisingly often by the average citizen to describe their "betters and masters". Attempts to change the whole rotten system are blocked by the 'first-past-the-post' electoral system which makes it impossible for non-establishment groups to effect change.

Barely a month goes by without yet another cover-up or another whitewash being exposed - whether it is paedophiles in Westminster and the Church or the lying policemen and NHS officials at Hillsborough.

There are so many lies told that one does not know where to begin. Former Home Secretary, Jack Straw, has said that the corruption in the Establishment is so vast and widespread that "we no-longer have the mechanisms to deal with it. and the police are, in his words, institutionally corrupt."

Deny criminals justice

My local Welsh Assembly Member said to me, "the public aren't interested in justice for criminals". And that is the trick widely used. If the government can paint dissenters as 'criminals' they can do anything with them that they want.

It is worth noting that our government spent tens of millions of pounds to ensure that the police could lie to the public and the courts on a vast scale in order to vilify innocent football fans at the Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield. Here are are just SOME of the taxpayers' funds used: £24 million paid by South Yorkshire Police to lawyers defending them of which £19.4 million was specifically allocated from the government by Teresa May following a plea from the South Yorkshire Crime Commissioner (who is supposed to be an independent overseer of the police).

The only reason the Hillsborough lies were finally exposed was because the 96 innocent people who were unlawfully killed by the actions of the police had the backing of the entire city of Liverpool.

Imagine if you were just one person. You wouldn't stand a chance - and that is exactly what happens: innocent, ordinary citizens are vilified by the State propaganda machine and picked off one by one.

I propose to deal with one very small part of this vast government conspiracy of misinformation: the lies told about cannabis and why.

A law a day keeps the bogeyman at bay   1 Oct 2015

The politburo at the People’s Republic of Conwy is set to introduce new laws requiring taxi drivers to spy on passengers.

In a bout of ‘me tooism’ councillors in my local borough have decided that the failures of police and council officials in Rotherham, which led to the widespread sexual abuse of young girls, presents a good excuse to broaden their empire and inflict further intrusive measures on the local population.

In Rotherham any number of laws already existed mandating the various government agencies to act when children were deemed to be in harm’s way. All of the authorities concerned chose to ignore the laws and look the other way.

Conwy Council has decided that if government officials are not prepared to obey existing laws it must be the case that more are required – and they are the men and women to write them!

So, because the police and council officials have been inept in the past – in a town on the other side of the country – Conwy councillors have decided that they will introduce new local byelaws requiring taxi drivers to take an extra special interest in their passengers. The councillors have not yet decided how intrusive this new interest might be but you can bet your bottom dollar that a fair number of ordinary citizens whom taxi drivers deem to be ‘acting a little odd’, or maybe unprepared to answer questions to the satisfaction of the driver, are going to get a follow-up visit from the police.

On a not entirely unrelated issue, my local paper reports that a woman whose partner (nobody has a ‘husband’ anymore) grew cannabis has been dragged into court and is to be sent on a ‘thinking skills course’. She was also fired from her job. I seem to recall that, about two years ago, a young trainee barrister was arrested for possession of cocaine. The judge presiding reassured the young man that his conviction would not prevent him entering the bar and in no way would be a blight on his career.

“It’s the rich wot gets the pleasure, it’s the poor what gets the blame. Isn’t it a bloomin’ shame.”

The Cooking Bus     26 June 2015

The Cooking Bus.

A "Cooking Bus" to educate children in Wales about eating - which experts said was unlikely to bring any health benefits - will be sold off. Doubts were raised about the project - which cost £655,000 to run in 2012-13 - in a report published two years ago.

The converted articulated lorry's four kitchens were used to give primary school pupils food preparation, cooking skills and food hygiene lessons.

Ministers said it had reached the end of its expected operational life.

A 2013 Public Health Wales report found "a lack of evidence of effectiveness" about the scheme, launched in 2006.

Welsh Government to people: "we own you"   17 June 2015

Just arrived in the post today: a package from the 'Government of Wales' telling me that they have passed a new law that states my consent to the removal of my organs will, in future, be assumed. At least they have the decency to confirm that I probably have to be dead first.

This is where socialism inevitably leads. The politicians always know best; the people cannot be trusted to make their own decisions; the great mass of the proletariat must be controlled in all-encompassing edicts.

In order to opt out and retain ownership of one's body a lengthy application must be submitted. All kinds of personal information must be provided so that the state can pin down the objector. All government files must be cross-checked. They say the information that the 'awkward squad' thus provides will be confidential. Yeah, right. Like the files Edward Snowden has taken to Moscow were confidential; like the CIA personnel files hacked by the Chinese last week, were confidential.

Then there is the little matter of 'efficient administration'. This and every other government will dip into these files whenever it suites them on any pretext. And, of course, there is always the issue of 'mission creep' and the desire for every bureaucrat to expand his empire.

Take, for example, the issue of smoking. The Welsh Government, because of its inferiority complex - existing in the shadow of its Westminster 'Bigger Brother' - always tries a little of "anything you can do we can do better." This attitude resulted in a man, sitting alone quietly in his own van in Colwyn Bay, being ticketed by a passing traffic warden - not for a motoring offence, but for smoking a cigarette.

In countries that already have this 'opt out' law concerning organ removal, statistics have shown that the number of additional transplants carried out is minimal. The 'Welsh Government' knows this. So this law is not what it seems. Law never is.


Magna Carta - ha!   16 June 2015

The British government has staged a big show this week as it is the 800 years anniversary of Magna Carta.

David Cameron and a bunch of all the others of the "great-and-the-good" club lined up to give speeches telling the world how lucky we are to live in western democracies where certain human rights are entrenched.

Such as? Well...erm...innocent until proven guilty.

Actually, no. The Proceeds of Crime Act (2012) assumes guilt as does the new tax regulations allowing the government to remove money from a citizen's bank account and ask questions later.

OK then...a fair trial.

Sorry, another "no". POCA (Proceeds of Crime) again gives supremacy to inference and supposition over evidence.

What about the right to silence?

Another "no". Recently a judge stated "solicitors usually advise their clients to say nothing when first interviewed by the police. This is common practice but it is wrong." Company Law also makes it an imprisonable offence to fail to answer questions put by Department of Trade investigators even if those answers may be self-incriminating?

Still feeling 'proud to be British'?


Pot and Kettle   15 June 2015

Judge Stephen Wildblood.

The phrase “pot calling the kettle black” comes to mind. Judge Stephen Wildblood has criticised Rebecca Minnock for using the press to publicise her case (see previous blog 'The Shameful State - 13 June'). How is he conducting his side of the argument? Via a press release, of course.

It’s OK for the government, the police and the courts to issue press releases but when an ordinary citizen does so the Establishment has a right old moan.


The shameless state   14 June 2015

It was not so many years ago that the UK government was telling us all that we should only purchase diesel vehicles in future because they pollute less than petrol.

A year or so ago, the scientists changed their mind and discovered that diesel engines emit microscopic particles that are more damaging than petrol engine emissions.

It hasn’t taken the usual suspects long to jump on this latest bandwagon to find a way of taxing us - for their mistakes. This week Islington council in London is to impose a £96 surcharge on residents’ parking permits for diesel engine vehicles.

As ever, the government issues an edict, we all slavishly follow (as we must), the government turns out to be wrong (as usual) but then they charge us for THEIR mistakes.


Spies exposed   14 June 2015

The Sunday Times, not known for its critical assessment of Establishment figures, has published a story that Russian and Chinese cryptologists have broken the encrypted files that Edward Snowden took with him when he fled America with the proof that that US spies were harvesting the world’s data.

Edward Snowden.

The unattributable assertion by 'a government source' claims that the lives of British and American agents have been put at risk by Snowden.

This latest story, that Snowden has put American and British spies at risk has conveniently, been published just days after the latest UK report on spying has been released. The report, by Establishment insider David Anderson QC, unsurprisingly concludes that mass interception of private data should be allowed.

David Davis, the Conservative MP who is one of the leading campaigners for privacy, said: “We have to treat all of these things with a pinch of salt.” He said the use of an anonymous source to create scare stories was a typical tactic and the timing was comfortable for the government. “We have not been given any facts, just assertions,” he said.


The shameful state   13 June 2015

What happens to a grandmother who tries to protect her grandson in ‘Great’ Britain? She gets thrown in jail.

Rebecca Minnock is a young mum involved in a custody battle with her ex-partner, Roger Williams. The Family Court argument came about because a ‘social worker’ reported that Rebecca was too attached to her son, Ethan. Can a mother be "too attached" to her child?

Rebecca Minnock.

The court decided to give custody to the father. Rebecca took her son and went into hiding. Ethan's grandmother and her partner refused to divulge what they knew about where mother and child might be and so Judge Stephen Wildblood had them imprisoned for contempt of court.

The judge described them as "wicked".

What mother would not seek to protect her daughter; what grandmother would not seek to protect her grandchild? What kind of a ‘justice’ system locks a family in prison for trying to protect a young boy?

A group of neighbours yesterday raised a petition to give to the court calling for Miss Minnock to be given custody of Ethan. They made a series of allegations against Mr Williams and his conduct during the time he was with her and their split. In an open letter, the seven residents criticised the ‘unfair’ custody battle which left Miss Minnock with no right to see her son and said she ‘has been served an unforgivable injustice’.

Neighbour and friend Jan Worgan, 76, said: ‘Rebecca is a lovely person and she proved to be a very good mother. She is there trying to look after her boy and she’s being hunted down like an animal.’ A close friend of Rebecca, who wished to remain anonymous said: ‘She’s a lovely girl and Ethan was always happy. She’s been let down. A mother takes care of their child from the moment they are born. Rebecca did nothing wrong as a mother or partner and the child should stay with her.’

No doubt the judge thinks all these people are equally "wicked" for having the temerity to stand up to him.


Silk Road and FIFA   13 June 2015

So our American cousins have locked up Ross Ulbricht, the man behind the Silk Road website, and thrown away the key.

And his heinous crime? Providing a market place for people who wished to purchase ‘drugs’.

Originally they very publicly accused him of trying to arrange one or more murders (as many as four were alleged) but these charges were dropped – one presumes because there was no evidence. What? Four murders plotted and / or commissioned and not a shred of evidence? Could it be that there never was such a plot? Could it be that the story was put out there to convince a rightfully sceptical public that punishment with maximum prejudice was warranted?

So what was his real crime? The US government’s main gripe was that they believe the site had generated $13 million in ‘commissions’ over the years (remember, never believe government ‘spin’). Nothing energizes the bureaucrat quite like the notion that someone is making more money than he or she – and that, of course is why the Americans are interested in FIFA. Yes it is a corrupt organisation but it is being corrupt in Switzerland, South America and Asia. If FIFA were abusing people in these countries instead of creaming off millions of dollars would the American ‘justice department’ give a hoot?

Silk Road site seizure.

Back to Silk Road: the US Government spin machine has found two families to go on record to state that their sons died as a result of purchases made on the Silk Road site. However sad this is – and it is sad – I have yet to see a list of all the deaths that have followed the copious consumption of Jack Daniels or Bacardi. The Americans have claimed that total drug sales topped $213 million over the years. And only two drug deaths? How many deaths would have followed the sales of $213 million worth of Ford motor cars or $213 million worth of legally acquired guns?

The Silk Road case has no connection with public safety; it is, as ever, primarily about the modern bureaucratic fascination with money. Whether it is FIFA ‘fraud’, tax havens or ‘drugs’, their problem is that someone is making money and it is not them.


The Nasty Party strikes again   12 June 2015

The Conservative Party, long known as the 'nasty party', is in danger of becoming the 'Nazi' party.

The Conservatives - nasty party or Nazi Party?

For the second time in a year they have cut the Legal Aid payments to defence solicitors. This might not be so important if it were not for the fact that the UK government routinely freezes all the assets of those accused of breaking the law - which means the defendants MUST turn to the Legal Aid fund. It is already the case that the calibre of lawyers prepared to work at Legal Aid rates is not that good. The old adage "pay peanuts, get monkeys" certainly has a ring of truth about it.

Tony Blair's government is credited with introducing one new law for every day it was in power. The Conservative Party - 'the party of small government' has made little or no attempt to reverse all these new laws. Therefore we have more laws, and so quite obviously more law breakers, but now a reduced access to the tools with which to mount a defence.